15 games

It is so much fun to play with your baby, especially when you know that your baby learns a lot by doing it. We made a list of 15 of games for you and your baby.

Tour through the house;

Walk from day one with your little one on your arm through the house. Tell him what is shown in each room. Your little one will not understand it yet, but as you walk quietly through the house and talk, your child feels safe and relaxed.

Tickle games;

Tickle from the belly to the neck. By playing that more often, your baby will recognize this and get more and more pleasure from it.

Talking lessons;

Talking is learning they say. Therefore start from one day with talking to your baby. Tell him what you are going to do, whether you dress him or feed him. Also name all body parts if you touch him. In this way he learns the link between words and the meaning.

Playing plane;

Give your baby a different view of the world by keeping his face down and putting your arm under his belly. This also works with cramps. Whisk your baby gently from one side to the other. If you want to make airplane noises here, this can not hurt at all!

Mini work-out;

Is your baby not a fan of lying on his stomach? Then make a small game of it. Lie in front of him on your stomach so he can look at you when he lifts his head.

Bike time;

By making bicycle movements with your baby’s legs you practice two things. It helps against stomach cramps and he becomes aware of his legs.

To the role;

This game is suitable when your baby is a few months old. You can then practice his balance by putting him on a ball while you hold him. You move him from front to back, sing ‘from front to back’ and the game is complete.


Reading to your baby seems pointless, but it is perhaps the best game you can do. It does not matter if it is rhymes, booklets or songs, everything is fine. You stimulate the language development of your baby and your baby recognizes the different intonations.

Feeling and biting;

Babies discover the world by feeling, smelling and biting. Place a scarf, sheet and a t-shirt that he can discover. All senses are covered in this game.

Blow bubbles;

Babies can follow slow moving things well and find that interesting. So grab that bubble bladder.


Dancing is the perfect way to build a bond with your baby because you are close to each other just like when you were pregnant. The swaying movements help your baby to relax.

Hot and cold;

Another do it your self toy game that stimulates your baby’s sense-senses. Take two sponges in different colors. Make sure the one is cold and the other warm. Put your child on his stomach and let him discover the differences.

Mirror on the wall;

Babies love to look in a mirror. Therefore go to the mirror very often with him or buy a child’s mirror that you can hang in or near the box.

In the spotlight;

What is more fun than looking at your baby? Although he does not yet see sharply, it does strengthen your band. You can train your baby’s eyes extra for example by slowly waving a ribbon in front of his faces. By following a slowly moving object your baby develops his eye muscles.

Make music;

It sounds complicated to make your own music instrument for your baby, but it certainly is not. Take some empty plastic bottles and fill them with different materials: think for example of rice, macaroni, straws or knots. Your baby loves to discover the different sounds.