Gender reveal

Yes! finally you may announce the sex of your baby. No more mysterious stuff. You can just tell this, but you can also make a party of it. Maybe you also don’t know the gender and it will be revealed to all of you when you are with your family. If you want to do something special then we have a few ideas for you.

Make or order a pie. Choose pink for a girl or blue for a boy and use this for the inside of the pie. 

Let a balloon fill with confetti in blue or pink, do not take a transparent balloon because otherwise it is clear right away :).

Large box with balloons in it. As soon as you open the box the balloons will fly out and it will be known what the gender will be.

Put on a white t-shirt and dip your hands in the color paint and stamp it on your belly.

Fortune cookies. You can write your own text in it and then decorate it and that way you can hand it out nicely.

Write it in the air with pink or blue stars. Make sure that your camera has a slow shutter speed so that it is easy to see.


Scratch card. Give everyone a scratch card and they find out whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Be creative with color powder. Let it spray or come out somewhere .. Wonderful surprise effect.

Fizz balls. These fizz balls are white, but when you throw them in the water a pink or blue color appears!