Gift list

Is your best friend pregnant? Or did you found out you will add a little miracle to your family? Almost everyone likes to give you some presents than. Sometimes it is good to coordinate this a bit :). We made you a wishlist with all kind of nice presents during and after your pregnancy.

  • The present box. It is always fun to unwrap a present daily, weekly or monthly. When you are pregnant, or in your first weeks with your newborn.
  • Pregnancy massage, be kind to yourself! Some me-time is really nice in these months so try a relaxed massage.
  • Crash calendar, you can see from day to day how your little one grows.
  • Clothes hanger with the name of your newborn, always nice to hang on the wall too as an accessory in the nursery.
  • Of course, the diaper cake should not be missing. The best thing is made entirely with  personal gifts. You can make the standard diaper cake or a more creative one 😉
  • Personalized booklet. It’s wonderful to read your little one from a booklet in which he / she plays the leading role.
  • Clock in the nursery made of the birth card.