Name stress?

Probably already know a long time what kind of names you really like for your someday-born-baby. And when you are pregnant, you will write them all down.  But there is a day that you have to make the final decision. And this choice can cause a lot of discussions. Do you like a unique name or rather a name that is more familiar? A long name with a long last name or just a short name combination? Are there ‘rules’ to choose a name? To help you in the proces we share some tips and we wrote down a top 5 trendy names and top 10 populair names.

Does the name rhyme? And how is it shortened?

Think about the rhymes that can be made on the name. Are this rhymes that are not that cool for your baby? Do check the shortened names. Most of the names that will be shortened have more than 2 syllables. Consider whether you want this for your baby.

How does it sound when you yell the name?

Yes! The name does look great on the birth card, but how does it sounds when you shout out your baby’s name? Note the sounds in the first and last name. Try to avoid the last letter (or sound) of the first name being the same as the last name. Remember that the name lasts his/her life, so that if he / she is an adult is also appropriate.

Last name in combination with the first name

If you have a fairly common surname, try to choose a first name that is slightly less standard.

Oliver Smith is a really populair names these days. If you choose a less common name if you already have a common last name, you avoid confusion with people who have exactly the same name.

Check initials

You like to avoid that your baby will be named W.C or B.H. Smith. You might also check the initials of the other family members, it can be confusing when the initials are the same.

Think about the spelling

Do you choose the regular spelling or do you make something special out of it. If you do so, remember that your child probably need to spell his name the rest of his life.

Check the meaning of the name

For some people the meaning does not matter, others could be quite shocked if they find out after their birth that their baby name means ‘battered nose’ … 🙂 You can also work the other way around, for example by creating a beautiful meaning and then search for the names with this meaning.

Top 5 trendy names:

Boys Girls
Phyllon Corona
Atticus Orva
Caelum Mallory
Oram Alanis
Orran Tangerina

Top 10 popular names:

Boys Girls
Jack Ava
Matthew Rumi
Ethan Penelope
William Alice
Caleb Audrey
Harry Lucy
Miles Ivy
Oliver Jane
James Sadie
Harvey Scarlett