Trimester Talk

Lisanne Pakasi
Management assistant at the city of Haarlem
32 years old
25 weeks pregnant with a boy
Mother of Joep (5), Teun (4), Hugo (2)
Due date: 23 February

This Trimester Talk Lisanne talks about her pregnancy. Every month, another mommy-to-be tells her story. How does she experience her pregnancy, how does she prepare herself and does she have crazy or striking habbits?

“I am very curious how this fourth time will be with a little baby. We are very fond of the structure during the day for the boys. I think that partly because of our fixed rhythms all three boys slept the whole night quickly. Yet it is different this time, Joep, Teun and Hugo we all had at home for a whole year. Nowadays, two go to school and all kinds of sports clubs. The baby will have to go along more often.”

Baby carrier

“I have already come up with a nice solution for this. I would like to have a very nice baby carrier. Because our fourth child is a boy again, we do not have to buy a lot of new stuff. So I have almost got my husband to buy a very expensive one, haha ​​:). I have one particular in mind of course!”

“What I really like is that our eldest son Joep experiences this pregnancy very consciously. He also came to me and felt the baby kick. Then he started to talk to him very kindly, introduce himself and name our names. It is very special to experience this pregnancy together.”

“The first three pregnancies have actually all went very well, and do not differ greatly from each other. I had specific ‘cravings’ like Mars Ice cream. This time I do not really have that much appetite. Not even in dinner and I really love food! I have also been nauseous for much longer now. I always thought that ‘morning sickness’ was really doable. But I will take that back now! It also took a long time, until 16 weeks I was sick.”

“It has always been a wish to have a family with four children. And now we have 3 boys and 1 brother coming. So I try to enjoy this pregnancy more consciously, because this is probably the last one. I don’t think to much about the delivery, I have had good deliveries. All three in the hospital, and they all came before the due date. I am not familiar with waiting for the delivery, so who knows, this little one will show himself with 42 weeks haha. I also think about giving birth at home this time. Although I still doubt. Maybe I should decide on it at the moment. If everyone is asleep, giving birth at home might also be practical en special.”

“The only thing I find more difficult is another name. We were very sure of the first three pregnancies. Now my husband is also of one name, but I’m not completely sure. So I’m still looking further, but until now he only likes this name! I look forward to my maternity leave. Because I take parental leave I am home for almost a year. All the time for the baby and a new rhythm for our family with four boys. Time is already passing so fast, I have been a mother for almost six years now.”