Trimester Talk

Sofia Verga
Video producer
32 years old
28 weeks pregnant with a boy
Due date: March 30

This edition tells Sofia about her pregnancy. Every month, another mommy-to-be tells her story. How does she experience her pregnancy, how does she prepare herself and does she have crazy or striking features?

“I feel super good! No fancy or crazy things at all. Have not been very sick or something like that. I really can’t complain. The only thing is I was extremely tired the first three months. Really tired. I wanted to go to bed at 7 o’clock, haha ​​”

“I play hockey pretty fanatically, train three times a week and competitions in the weekend. I noticed during training that I was slightly more ‘on edge’. Not necessarily extra careful, but you are still continuously thinking about it. That’s why I told my team members pretty quickly. In my opinion, I did not become the best version of myself for them, but it turned out they didn’t even noticed!  I immediately stopped hockey. That just felt better.”

“I am already 28 weeks pregnant and since the 20 weeks ultrasound we know that we will get a baby boy. We had no preference whatsoever and on the ultrasound it was immediately clear that we will have a son. We are very happy with it! I could not keep it to myself, my best friend knew it within 24 hours and I didn’t call my sister immediately, otherwise I would tell her right away.”

Super auntie
“I am very close to my sister and her children feel like my own children. She is now a mother of three, so I have been able to enjoy it very much. I really do not like anything better than being their aunt. I can hardly imagine that our child can feel even more intense now, but of course that is possible. We are really looking forward to it”

“I’m a little more impatient than before my pregnancy, would that be because of the hormones? If I have something on my mind, then I want it immediately NOW. We have changed the house slightly for the baby room, and now the living room has also become a bit different. I prefer to go straight through and I want to buy a new sofa today too.”

“The name is a thing. We do not know that yet. Yes, we have a list of 15 names, but nothing perfect yet. We also have a small challenge here. I am of Argentine origin, my friend is Dutch. So we are looking for a name that sounds nice in both languages. This is still difficult with a boys name! I just read that in Sweden you are able to think for 3 months about the name of your child, after the birth. That would be a good option for us too!”