Trimester Talk

This edition Simone tells us all about her pregnancy. Every month a different mommy-to-be tells her story. How does she experience her pregnancy, how does she prepare and does she have very strange or striking features?

Complete surprise

“My pregnancy was a complete surprise. I became pregnant during birth control pills. Yes, I had forgotten the pill a few times, but that happened more. Still it felt different, and one morning I had the strong feeling that I had to do a test. I did sent my friend to the store, and yes, the test immediately indicated: “Pregnant.”

“We were both immediately very happy. Wow. Although it was not planned, our child was very welcome. I have always wanted to become a mom, but I always waited for the right situation. It is now available, so there was no better surprise. I have hardly suffered from ailments, not even in the beginning. Only my muscles felt very stiff. Fortunately I was able to solve this well with yoga in heat cabins.”

Boy or girl?

We had a sex ultrasound done at 14 weeks. The ultrasound scan could tell us with 75% certainty that they could see the gender. I thought this was certain enough. We have organized a gender reveal party with friends and family. We ourselves did not know at that time what it was going to be too. Everything was blue when the balloon cracked, we will have a son! Nearly 6 weeks later at the 20-week ultrasound, however, there was no boy to see anymore … “It’s a girl anyway,” the ultrasound surgeon said. I was immediately very happy with it. Of course it is crazy, you think you will have a son and you really have to switch. But it was also very emotional, a daughter is very special anyway. My boyfriend had to get used to it a little longer, but after a day he was completely over the moon too. ”

“The best thing about my pregnancy is that the people around us sympathize. I can also recommend a gender reveal party to everyone, it feels like you are experiencing it even more together, such a pregnancy. We get a lot of things from friends who already have children. And everyone is so involved, I really like to experience that.”

“I haven’t actually bought so much clothing for the baby, I don’t need it that much either. Furniture on the other hand, I wanted to have all practical matters arranged quickly. I also started taking courses quite quickly for the birth. It feels better if I have enough information. Now I have found peace in it. We do not know what is coming, but I have made all possible preparations. I want to give birth at the hospital. ”

“We have a name for a while now. We wanted something that really suits us. My boyfriend is half Spanish, the names in my family are French. It has become a classic but not too heavy name. We immediately found this name was very beautiful. We already tell the name to our friends and family.”