Trimester Talk

Mariëlle van Gessel
Editor Corporate Communication at KLM
45 years
Trimester 3: 40 weeks pregnant with a son
Due: 7 February

Mariëlle tells about her pregnancy in our monthly blog ‘Trimester Talk’. Every month, another mommy-to-be tells her story. How do you experience your pregnancy, how do you prepare for or do you have crazy or striking features?

At the moment we speak to Mariëlle it is exactly 1 day before the due date. 40 weeks of radiant pregnancy, she feels very good and has a beautiful belly. Mariëlle is together with her great love since her youth and is very grateful for this beautiful miracle, after a very tough journey. Getting pregnant did not happen by itself and they had to be patient for the arrival of their beautiful miracle. A son who can attend any moment at the time of the interview.

“When we heard that we were pregnant, we were sitting on a terrace in Antwerp. We were away for a day, as we often did around the ‘important’ moments. It was fantastic to hear: “You are pregnant. And the hormone is more than just present! We were immediately over the moon, and we called both of our parents directly. But then of course a very exciting period starts. We also only told the outside world when I was 16 weeks pregnant. We surprised our family with a cake with a photo of the echo on it. What a party!”

Mariëlle and her husband have known each other since she was 17 years old. “We met in a hot tub on vacation. It was love at first sight. Of course we sometimes thought, why have we met each other now already, but we loved each other so much! And still. When I was 31, we got married in Italy, Tuscany. After that, a little one was more than welcome. But unfortunately that did not happen by itself. ”

“We went from hospital to hospital. We have really tried everything to get pregnant. All other options were also discussed: adoption, foster children, emergency shelter. I am also a pit bull for that matter, I was always looking for new possibilities. At one point I led a kind of double life. My work, friends, relationship, vacations were super positive and nice, but trying to get pregnant was sometimes very heavy, partly because of the hormones. But it always went well, precisely because of this distraction of holidays, love, family and friends around me. And we kept on going. I have also been pregnant twice very short, so we knew it was possible. Eventually we ended up with a specialist in Belgium. He also never gave up. And exclude all matters over and over again. And he succeeded! After more than 10 years we are now in a week really mom and dad of a son. Our greatest wish.”

“We have already heard in the first three months that we have a son. We have always been very open here. It is really nice to know and it is also practical for everything we want to buy. Around the 22 weeks, the doctors said something was not quite right with the blood circulation. And in week 32 they discovered gestational diabetes. Still within the limits, I only have to monitor it every day and pay attention to food. At 22 weeks my stomach was also bigger and then I really switched to maternity wear. I did not want to pinch my baby in my old clothes. I bought a few good pants and shirts. I have also didn’t wear my heels anymore than. ”

“I was seriously hungry for pickles”

“We eat vegetarian and are always concerned with responsible food. When I was just pregnant I had a terrible appetite, but did not know what. I stood in front of the fridge and by chance saw the pot of pickles. Blessed was that! So I had a serious appetite for pickles. In the meantime this has changed to biscuit with sprinkles. Because of gestational diabetes I have to pay attention to what I eat, so two pieces of fruit are not as good for me as I always thought. You better wait an hour. Furthermore, I have a really successful pregnancy. I feel good, am happy, do not have any crazy inconveniences. I am also very grateful for this pregnancy. Because no matter how much you grant it to all people around you, you ultimately grant yourself as well. And we are very happy that we can now have a baby every moment. ”

Mariëlle gave birth 2 days after the interview to a beautiful healthy baby boy named Emilio. She and Emilio are doing very well.