Trimester Talk

Janneke Wesseling
Function: Administrative assistant and catering
Age: 32 years old
Mother of Isabel (4)
Trimester 3: 33 weeks pregnant with a girl
Due Date: June 6

The first months of my pregnancy were very intense. I was really suffering from all ailments, tired, sick, spitting. I felt very bad. Up to a week or 18. This pregnancy was immediately very different from my first pregnancy, which made me feel very good.

I have a chronic fatigue disease, the liver and bowel disease PSC and Crown. I had it for years already before they even knew what was going on. That was actually the most difficult period of my illness, I was always tired, but nobody really knew why. After the diagnosis, my illness did not change much, but me and the people around me could accept it more.

In my first pregnancy all symptoms became less, that was very nice. Of course, once Isabel was there, I had to find a new rhythm. There is a lot to do for my partner, I’m really tired in the evening. We also deliberately waited longer for a second pregnancy. Now Isabel is more independent and I can focus more on the baby during school hours.

With Isabel I was pregnant quite soon. This current pregnancy took a little longer. I also had a miscarriage in between. Because of the miscarriage I notice that I am much more careful now, I am much more aware that things are not always going well. I really live up to the milestones nowadays. Unfortunately I feel very tired in this pregnancy, different than with Isabel. I work 20 hours a week, and I notice that even now that is pretty heavy. I am really looking forward to my maternity leave!

We do not have a name yet! Of course we have a list, but not a final choice yet. We knew a boy’s name faster. Isabel has now made up a name for her sister, but it will not be. With 20 weeks we decided at the door of the hospital that we wanted to know the gender. We doubted a lot, at Isabel we did not know it at all. We told Isabel by giving her a pink romper. She also told our family members that she is getting a sister. Just like the beginning of the pregnancy, she also announced it herself.

I don’t suspect anything of the birth, I am very down to earth. You can not predict anything for a delivery. Isabel went pretty well, although halfway we realized she was a stargazer. She was born on the due date so am very curious now! After the birth we were so happy that she was there, so glad we did not even ask what it was! Now we know it, and that is practical. Also nice for Isabel to look forward to. Now the name is the only milestone to take!