Trimester Talk

Linda Kan
Stewardess at KLM
39 years old
Trimester 3: 32 weeks pregnant with a son
Due: March 29

With Linda we start our monthly blog ‘Trimester Talk’. Every month, another mommy-to-be tells her story. How do you experience your pregnancy, how do you prepare and do you have crazy new habbits? A personal story.

Linda lives with Barry and they are together for exactly two years on the due date. “It immediately felt very good. We have both been quite some free birds, with crazy hours jobs. Much has changed over the past two years. We met, lived together very quickly and I got pregnant right away. Barry has changed jobs to regular working hours and I do not fly during my pregnancy. A complete change for both of us, but it feels very good and really nice. We both enjoy this special time immensely. ”

When Linda discovered that she was pregnant, she packed the test and surprised Barry in the evening. Almost immediately the whole family has also been informed. “We immediately facetimed everybody and remarkably enough everyone was sitting next to each other when we called. Everyone was extremely happy for us. ”

“Of course I have been insecure for the first few months. I soon knew that I was pregnant, but I did not feel anything and did not see anything. Was also not very nauseous. Then you really look forward to that first ultrasound, I can tell you. After this I could enjoy it more. I actually already started looking for a pregnancy trousers in 5 weeks. That was much more comfortable and I found it sad for my baby, trapped in my skinny jeans. I’ve worn on shirts, but I’ve also miscalculated this. A size larger is often not really beautiful anymore. ”

Boy or girl?

“I always thought I would have a girl, I was a girly mom. Barry also thought from the beginning that we would have a girl. After the 20-week ultrasound, we received a sealed envelope. We would take a cake with the family on a Sunday afternoon to make the sex of our child known. But that morning we have already opened the envelope together. We found this special moment was something for us together and wanted to be the first ones to know. Cuddled in bed with a cup of tea, we read that we have a son. We were immediately very happy. In our family there are almost only baby girls and that makes this little baby boy extra special. And he also immediately takes care of me so well. My hair looks good, my skin is beautiful. It’s just right. ”

“I have been groaning from one day to another!”

“We certainly do not take this pregnancy for granted. We are very grateful for this miracle. Many people in our area have had to wait a long time for a baby, and we were so lucky to be pregnant right away. How special is it that this small person grows in my stomach, and my body goes through so many changes. Or that there are puffs. For example, I started to groan from one day to the next. How bizarre is that! There are days when I feel like a grandmother and after some stairs I feel like I have run a marathon. Meanwhile, I do not see my feet anymore. It looks like I have swallowed a watermelon! But there are also days when I think less about it. So I park my car always tight, but now I almost no longer came out. It was 8 o’clock in the morning but my T-shirt was already very dirty from slide through the car with that big belly. ”

“What I find really special about this time is that not only we enjoy it, but people in the streets too. Everyone says something about you or your changing body. I can imagine when you feel less well, that can really make you insecure. You will receive comments and opinions in a handy and unambitious way. But in general it strikes me how friendly people are suddenly. Children also react so nice to a pregnant belly. For my pregnancy I never had that with others, even though I was always very happy for everyone. I think that has changed now that I experience it myself, that I am now much more sympathetic to others during their special nine months.”